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Microbial biomineralization is one of the mechanisms by which microorganisms impact their environment, and it is increasingly regarded as an important driving force in the chemical, geological and biological evolution of Earth throughout its history. Our research focuses on deciphering the molecular mechanisms involved in microbial biomineralization, understanding its impact on past and present environments, and using it as a tool for tracing microbial activity in the geological record.

C/S microstructures


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New paper in Frontiers in Microbiology

November 2019

Learn how S. kujiense, a S-oxidizer, uses extracellular organics to form and stabilize sulfur minerals. First postdoc paper by Brandi Cron!

Full text available here

Congratulations Chloe!

October 2019

Chloe Stanton successfully passed her Master exam.

Stay tuned for her future paper on the biological mechanisms of the whiting events in Green Lake.


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