Meet our Lab Members

Julie Cosmidis

Principal Investigator

Graduate Student

Julia Lafond

Julia LaFond is a PhD student in the Department of Geosciences at Penn State since the Fall of 2018. Her research involves the potential for abiogenic carbon-sulfur structures to be preserved as pseudofossils in the Precambrian fossil record via experimental fossilization and diagenesis. 

Graduate Student

Chloe Stanton

Chloe is interested in large scale biogeochemical cycling through Earth's geologic history, and is currently documenting the role of cyanobacteria and diatom populations in nucleation and growth of calcium carbonate minerals in lacustrine environments. To assess her lab-incubated and field water samples, she utilizes high-resolution microscopic and spectroscopic tools for her PhD work under Dr. Julie Cosmidis and Dr. Lee Kump, starting in 2017.

Graduate Student

Claire Webster

As a graduate student in the biomineralization laboratory, I focus on microbial production of phosphate minerals for applications in recycling human and agricultural waste products. My research will employ the use of both spectroscopic and high-resolution microscopic techniques. I am beginning my studies under the advisement of Dr. Julie Cosmidis here at Penn State University starting fall 2018.

Undergraduate student

John Fulginiti

John works on characterizing elemental sulfur minerals forming at the redoxcline of Fayetteville Green Lake (NY), in order to better understand biological and chemical sulfur formation mechanisms in this Proterozoic ocean analog.

Previous lab members

Brandi Cron Kamermans - Postdoctoral Fellow

Chrissie Nims - Research technician

Johanna Jacobson - Undergraduate student

Aiden Price -  Undergraduate student

Rumya Ravi - Undergraduate student

Thomas (TJ) Margetanski - Undergraduate student

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